At the U Joint & CV Joint Centre we realise the importance of the concept

‘time is money’. We therefore offer the following:









We endeavor to collect and deliver as promptly as possible with our fleet of vehicles which are easily recognized by the highly visible sign-writing.








Text Box: A 24/7 and after-hour breakdown service is offered by each branch to ensure that our customers are never left stranded. We endeavor to keep client machinery and/or vehicle downtime to a minimum.








We offer the complete service of repairs, reconditioning and hi-tech balancing. Our balancing division has been expanded to cover the balancing of virtually any rotating component. This includes all types of shafts, rotors, fans and armatures. A digital computer print-out is available for each balancing procedure.













The U– Joint & CV Joint Centre is a Company dedicated to the supply,

service and manufacture of all prop

shaft and driveshaft components,

covering the automotive, industrial,

farming and mining industries.



Our workshop equipment allows us to offer a full range of extensive general engineering work, which includes the machining of metal parts, milling work and shaping of various items.




Text Box: All of our Branches have store rooms equipped with a wide variety of components. Our range includes top brands like Spicer, Sicit & Matsuba. If a part is not available we will then source it for you.






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